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Lo Chingón


Del barrio is a little piece of Mexico, reviving the

nostalgia of the aromasand flavors of our families,

of thecolorful streets we would walk,visits to the market,

everything isfresh,vibrant and delicious.

Now it is on your table.

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Un Caquito de Mexico

Del Barrio is reminiscent of the authentic Mexican flavors found in the markets, on the street corners and in abuelita's kitchen. 

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our story
del pueblo


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Estamos hechos del barrio

Mexican cuisine is one of the world's

greatest and most diverse, alive with

vibrant flavors, both indigenous and

with the influence of numerous immigrant cultures. 

In 2019, we founded Switzerland's first organic and 100% nixtamal tortilleria - MASAMOR, quickly realizing the growing demand for authentic Mexican flavors. 


Many ingredients are not readily available or must be imported. Del Barrio offfers a unique selection of Mexican specialty food products, made in Switzerland.

Lo Chingón

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